Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Test 2

Just a little test to make certain our networked blog feed is working correctly.

Just a Start

There are numerous issues facing genealogists and family historians today, most center on records access and the  flow of information in a way that is personally, professionally and fiscally responsible while respecting rights to the privacy of living individuals.

We're working on creating a blog to keep genealogists aware of these issues, with the focus on being informative and making people aware--and not pushing an agenda other than a knowledge of issues and concerns and letting them form their own decisions and respond as they deem appropriate.

We will not be posting daily--unless it really is Earth-shattering, which is highly doubtful.

I am seeing this page/blog as a way to get out links to sites with information or links to post that are informative and as a way to "spread the news." This will not be a site with lots of commentary and discussion itself--we will leave that to our Facebook page.

Feel free to follow us here--Facebook and other pages to come.